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2014 Black Chip Poker Review - blackchip bonus code

black chip poker review 2014 blackchip review 2014

blackchip poker promo codeUpdated In May, 2020 - Black Chip Poker is one of the top USA online poker sites in 2014. They have fast American payout speeds, while most other USA poker rooms take 2-6 months. Only Bovada and BetOnline Poker in 2014 pay as quickly. BlackChip Poker is the leading room on the fast growing Winning Poker Network. They are the only decent place for Americans to play online poker tournaments in 2014. They have more GTD tourneys than Bovada and BetOnline combined. The Revolution and Merge Gaming networks have lost 50% of their players due to slow payouts and lousy ring table and tournament action. Black Chip Poker has picked up a lot of this traffic. They run a many five figure tournaments every day so I will devote a whole section of this 2014 Black Chip Poker review to MTTs and Sitngos. Blackchip Poker also has a VIP program that is superior to anything else in the US poker market. Perhaps it is not as good as the program at Pokerstars but it certainly beats the other competition.

The Black Chip Poker's Rewards program is a multi-tier system much like Pokerstars. It offers a points multiplier, cash rewards and a host of other benefits.

Black Chip poker bonus code May, 2020

blackchip poker bonus codeOur special first deposit bonus package at Black Chip Poker contains two parts and can be claiming by using one of the links on this review to visit Black Chip Poker. DO NOT enter a 2014 Blackchip Poker bonus code or you could only receive the standard bonus. They have attached our unique bonus to our affiliate links so just use the link and you will receive the best bonus at BCP in 2014. The first is a 100% match bonus up to $1,000. The second is tickets to our daily $250 private tournaments. These freerolls have much smaller playing fields compared to similar freerolls held by other rooms. This means they are much easier to win money at. You will also be able to play in the $200 freerolls that are held every few hours. These are not exclusive freerolls so everyone can play, even players that do not deposit. Since there are no longer any Black Chip Poker bonus codes or Blackchip Poker promo codes in 2014 all you really need to do is follow the directions below. Europeans may be interested in our Pokerstars bonus code in 2014 and Pokerstars sign up code, which provides $20 free instant cash, three 100% bonuses and MTT tickets, as explain in this 2014 Poker Stars review.

You can also claim thousand of dollars from the Black Chip Poker Rewards or VIP program in 2014. It was based on the Pokerstars VIP program and it is the best loyalty program in the USA poker market. The image below outlines this amazing VIP program in 2014.

black chip poker rewards 2014

Tournaments At Black Chip Poker

black chip poker bonus 2014One of my favorite things to do at Black Chip Poker is playing in their tournaments. Back in the day most rooms only offer standard tournaments. BlackChip has taken tournament play to the next level. They offer a wide range of tournaments with an even wider ranges of "tournament types". They offer the basics like Re-buy tournaments, Deep Stack tournaments and Shoot-Outs. They also offer some of the newer and more popular formats like Bounty Tournaments, Turbo and Short Handed. They even offer "All-in/Fold" tournaments that force players to either go Allin or fold. These tournaments are very fast and very exciting. I won't lie though, skill has very little impact on who wins these events so if you are a tournament buff I would stay away.

For newer players though these are great because they take little skill and even less time, anyone can win! I'm also a big fan of their bounty tournaments. On average Black Chip Poker hosts around 150 different real money tournaments a day, that's equates to a new tournament starting every 10 minutes! Most tournaments have smaller buy-ins usually ranging from $1 to $20 but they hold many of big guaranteed events that usually include nice overlays, with prize pools ranging from $5,000 to $100,000.

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Black Chip Poker's Software

blackchip codeBlack Chip Poker's software provides players with a fully customized experience that is unlike anything you'll find at the larger rooms. As you can see in the image to the right Black Chip Poker takes the are of insulting poker players to a totally new level. These animations will appear at the table when you type in one of the keywords (donkey, fish, shark..ect). This can be really fun when you want to get under someone's skin. You can also do a "Rabbit Hunt" when everyone else folds. A Rabbit Hunt is when you have the dealer show which cards would have came if someone had called your bet. Showing just one of your hole cards is another great way to make your opponents second guess their decisions. You can also use the "Deal it Twice" feature, which is popular at live card games. If you and another player are all-in by the flop you can both opt to have the turn and river dealt twice. This is great for when you are drawing to a straight or flush.

Blackchip poker Card Games & Traffic Statistics

Black Chip Poker's software is home to the largest selection of poker games in the industry. The card games are listed below. The poker room has doubled in traffic over the last six months but there still isn't enough traffic at a majority of these games to be considered viable. If this growth continues though I expect 90% of these games to have active real money tables (micro-medium) going around the clock by 2014. Currently the traffic can mostly be found at the Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo tables.

There is also a strong community of 5 Card Draw players at BlackChip Poker but this is usually limited to the micro stakes. To build up traffic at the less common games Black Chip Poker is using them for most of those $200 freerolls I mentioned earlier. This has made for extremely soft action at these freerolls, which are already extremely soft since they are freerolls.

Black Chip poker's Casino Suite & Game Room

blackchip casino gamesThe image to the right is a screen shot of Joker Poker at Black Chip Poker. This is my favorite video poker game. They also have traditional Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. You can play up to 50 hands at once at any of these games. BlackChip also has Blackjack, Roulette and Caribbean Stud Poker. The Caribbean Stud is split into two levels (low, high), and each has it's own progressive Jackpot. I just checked and the low Caribbean Stud Jackpot at Black Chip Poker is at $35,000, which is for bets ranging fro $1 to $5. If you bet $5 or more you will have the chance to win the high Jackpot which is currently at nearly $70,000.

Black Chip Poker also has a small game room which includes Euchre and Backgammon. These games are very fun to play for real money. This is the only poker network to offer anything like it. I once won 10% of a $6,000 Caribbean Stud jackpot by catching a straight flush. I used to have a screen shot of it on my computer but it got lost during a reformat otherwise I would post it.

Banking At Black Chip poker - blackchip poker deposits, payouts, cashout speeds and withdrawal fees in 2014

The image to the right lists the current deposit options at Black Chip Poker. Since If you do not live in the U.S.A. other options will be available. I'd say that the e-Check deposit method is the best since you'll never get rejected. If you prefer credit card deposits those also have a very high success rate. Black Chip uses a wide variety of processors so a deposit that got declined at 3pm will likely be approved at 4pm. Cash-outs at Black Chip Poker are currently slower than the industry average. U.S. players can get their money via paper checks and the e-wallets listed to the right. Paper checks from Black Chip Poker usually take a few weeks to arrive. Black Chip Poker payouts in 2014 tend to take 7-14 days for check cashouts and 1-4 days for WU/MG withdrawals. Blackchip Poker deposit options in 2014 include Visa, Moneygram, Western Union and several others. These are just the payout methods, deposit options and cashout speeds for U.S. citizens. International poker players have any other banking options in 2014.

BlackChip poker Support

Black Chip Poker offers e-mail and Live Chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I almost always use the Live Chat option because they can take care of any issue within a few minutes. Most online poker rooms are still only offering e-mail support so Black Chip is well ahead of the competition when it comes to support.