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A guide to online poker in 2014.


online poker guide for 2014

betonline poker review 2014Updated In May, 2020 - Playing poker at a live casino and playing poker online for real money in 2014 is very different. Poker 2014 has a lot of information about poker sites in 2014 but we also have articles like this online poker guide for 2014. Everyone talks and plays differently when they play poker online. Remember that player behavior online is going to be quite different when compared to how people act at live poker games. This 2014 online poker guide will help you win money. Just use our poker tips and strategies to dominate games like Holdem and Omaha poker. On a basic technological level, it's far easier for a person to click a mouse button as opposed to reaching into their stack, counting out the proper number of chips, and plopping them down on the table. Recognize the psychological difference between an action not involving a physical representation of money and one that does, and you'll have most of the psychology of the Internet poker game down pat. Let's face it--people feel more confident online because they aren't being stared at or watched by casino employees, etc. So how does this psychology benefit you and your poker game? A player who is embarrassed about outdrawing a person in a live game, won't waste a split second making the same move on the Internet. Playing poker online is similar to hanging out with teenagers--it's all impulse and hormones. I have listed the best US poker rooms online in 2014 below.

The Most Popular Poker Sites In The USA

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Five reasons to play poker at in 2014

You're powerless against the guys who call every bet. Understand and accept that fact and your poker game will be better off for it. Constant callers in online poker are looking to draw you in on more pots than you'd normally get involved with, and are hoping to river you by involving you in more calls. Here's one way to know if you're falling victim: is your variety of bets made greater online than it would be in a casino setting? If not, you're doing it wrong. You should play fewer pots and fold a lot more often in the online world. This is a fact.

As long as you're making other players pay for their mistakes off the draw, you're playing good poker. But remember that it is better for your bottom line to check-call the river when you've got a boat full of callers right there with you. Keeping them honest will save you cash, because the chances of a player with a solid hand (two pair or better) are greater when there are more callers. This all sounds obvious, but simplicity and repetition are the name of the game.

online poker tips for 2014

If you aren't web-savvy or haven't spent much time around poker players, you may be influenced by the ridiculous screen names people give themselves online. Often, people will put together some mash up of poker terms or obvious "tells" (for example, IAMBLUFFING) to put people off their game.

Remember that a screen name is just a screen name. Using a screen name to influence the game is a stupid, low-handed, idiotic move that is only open to you at an Internet card room. Having said that, a surprising number of so called "deceptive screen names" are winning big money at tournament around the web.

Imagine you're sitting in a poker room in Vegas. A guy walks in wearing a suit covered in neon bulbs and wearing an ostrich on his head. Would you leave the table? You're damn right you would. Be suspicious of these weird screen names in the same way.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that there are no "tells" in the online poker rooms. You're right, you can't see your opponents when playing rounds of Internet poker. What you can see, and very closely, is the actions they take.

One of the most important actions to look at is how fast a player bets. A fast bet either means a strong hand or an accident -- whereas a slow bet or a person taking a long time to make a bet usually means they had to stop and think about their actions. This means their hand is probably pretty weak. Taking good notes at every online poker room session will help you spot future tells.

starting off with small stakes poker in 2014

New online poker players in 2014 should start off at the small stakes tables. You can play for pennies at all EU and US poker rooms in 2014. This will give you experience and you can win a lot of money. The pots are small but the other players are typically horrible. Practice and gain new skills by playing micro or small stakes poker at first.

Playing poker online is fun and can be profitable if you go into with a good head on your shoulders. Not everyone is cut out to be a winning online poker player but if you put some hard work into it you could do very well in 2014.