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The best Pokerstars referral code in 2014. Claim the biggest bonuses at Poker Stars.


pokerstars referral code 2014 - referral and bonus codes for poker stars in 2014

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Updated In May, 2020 - Poker Stars uses a special code system to track where players are coming from and to credit players with private bonus offers. Our 2014 Pokerstars referral code PSP11820 and bonus code STARS600 provides the largest bonus for new players in 2014. You can also use the 2014 Pokerstars bonus code FREE20 for an instant $20 cash credit when you deposit $20 or more. This page will provide instructions on how to claim this bonus. It is easy to get the friend referral code and bonus code mixed up. before I get into that though let's go over the bonuses you will receive when you enter the Poker Stars referral code PSP11820

That's right, three bonuses and a $20cash credit! You should also use the Poker Stars bonus code FREE20 and $20 will instantly be credited to your real money account. You can claim up to $600 when you enter our Pokerstars marketing codes in 2014. These are compound bonuses so they will add together to give you the largest bonus possible. By making a $20-25 initial deposit you are essential throwing money away at most online poker rooms, not Poker Stars though. They understand that no one wants to drop $600 on a room they never played at before. You can proceed cautiously, which is wise, and when you fall in love with Pokerstars as millions of other poker players have you can make larger deposits and get the most out of the $600 bonus. Pokerstars is larger than their 5 closest competitors combined and the Pokerstars VIP program is the best in the industry.

This Pokerstars referral code is good from January, 2014 to January, 2015. Poker Stars is the best poker site in 2014 and they have upgraded their software to include many new games. After entering our marketing code for you can claim reload bonuses on a regular basis.

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2014 pokerstars friend referral code - How to claim our bonus package

The image above is a screenshot of the pace where you enter our Poker Stars friend referral code PSP11820. Look for the friend referral option, click on it and then enter the referral code PSP11820. That will complete your registration.

The next step will be to enter our 2014 Poker Stars bonus code STARS600. I would hold off on this though. Sit down at a play money table or a freeroll and get a feel for the Pokerstars software. The bonus code is entered when you make a deposit and you will have to enter it each time for your first 3 deposits.