Pokerstars Sign Up Code in 2014

The Poker Stars signup code PSP11820 and our Pokerstars bonus codes in 2014.


pokerstars signup code 2014 - use our poker stars sign up code in 2014 for $20 free and $600 bonuses

pokerstars signup code 2014

Updated In May, 2020 - We have recently added Pokerstars to our list of the top online poker rooms. I did this for several reason: improved bonus, improved VIP program and extremely high traffic. Our 2014 Pokerstars signup code PSP11820 provides players with a substantial bonus package. Poker Stars has the most micro-middle stakes player friendly bonus in the industry, The reason for this is that they do not match your first deposit. Pokerstars will give you a 100% match on your first three deposits when you enter our Poker Stars sign up code PSP11820 during registration and the 2014 Pokerstars bonus code STARS600. Most new players are hesitant to make a large deposit when they just want to try out a poker room or are totally new to online poker in 2014. Who wants to risk $600 when they may end up hating the room? The solution Pokerstars come up with solves this age old problem:

I would start off using the Pokerstar bonus code FREE20. You get cash instead of bonus money when you use this code and you entered our signup code when you created your new account. The free $20 is perfect for testing Pokerstars to see if you like it. You have 3 months from the date of your first deposit to make two more, although it is not necessary. Each 100% match will be credited to your bonus account where it will combine with the other bonuses. In this way you can make three $200 deposits and claim the entire $600 bonus. Or you could make a $20 deposit initially, a $100 deposit next month and if things are going good you can make a larger deposit to try and claim as much of the $600 as possible. If you did this at another poker room you would only receive a $20 bonus. Be sure to enter the 2014 Pokerstar marketing code PSP11820 while creating a new account.

The best pokerstars Signup code - How to claim our bonus package

To claim these bonuses you will need to complete three simple steps. The first one is to visit and download their award winning poker client. If you have already done this do not worry, it is not as important as the next step. When you are registering a new account at Poker Stars in 2014 you will need to enter our sign-up code. When you come to the 2014 Pokerstars signup code page (see above) click on the friend referral option and enter the Poker Stars sign up code PSP11820.

Tips for those who want to play online poker in 2014:

Once this is done you can go ahead and check the room out. Play in a few freerolls to get the feel of the software. If you decide to make a deposit enter the bonus code STARS600. You will need to enter this code for your 2nd and 3rd deposit as well. The bonuses are credited to your real money account instantly. Pokerstars (Visit Pokerstars - Download) will transfer $10 from your bonus account to your real money account for every 170 VPP's you earn.