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A list of the best USA online poker sites in 2014.


uS Friendly Poker Sites Online In 2014 - The largest and newest poker rooms online for U.S.A. citizens

poker sites usa 2014Updated In May, 2020 - There are a six USA poker sites in 2014 that are listed on this website. There are certainly more than six U.S. poker sites online in 2014 but there is something that sets these poker rooms apart from the rest. At a glance you may assume that they are simply larger than other USA poker rooms in 2014. This is certainly true but the question you should be asking is why are these poker sites for U.S. citizens larger than the rest. The answer has nothing to do with bonuses, promotions or even the software. Some of these USA friendly online poker rooms have software that is not as good as some of the rooms that are not listed. The answer to this question is banking. Americans can deposit at these six rooms far more easily than at other rooms but this is secondary to the payouts. These six US poker rooms in 2014 pay faster than all of the other rooms not mentioned here. In a perfect world fast payouts would not determine the quality of an Internet poker room but even though several states in the USA have legalized online poker there are still some banking regulations that make it difficult to pay Americans quickly. These six rooms are the ones who have either figured out ways to process withdrawals to the USA quickly or ones who have accepted paying part of the fees for extremely fast - and expensive - cashout methods. A good example is Moneygram and Western Union. All of the USA online poker rooms listed below accept these money transfer services and will send you payouts in 12 hours to 3 days using MG/WU in 2014. Most of these poker rooms cover the fees on one or two payouts per month and will also cover the deposit fees on $300+ money transfers. This costs the rooms a lot of money but it keeps players very happy. It has paid off very well at these rooms. A year ago Bovada Poker was the 3rd largest US online poker room but their quick payouts have caused the #1 and #2 biggest rooms to lose 50-75% of their traffic. Each of these six rooms have grown a lot. They have all benefitted from Americans leaving US poker sites that do not offer these fast and convenient withdrawal options.

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real money poker online in the uSA - Tips for U.S. poker players

Playing real money online poker at US poker rooms in 2014 is pretty straight forward. The actual strategies for specific card games like Texas Hold'em may take some effort to learn but the act of using a poker site's software, the platform's features and understanding the ins and outs of deposits and cashouts at Internet poker rooms is easy. Even those players who have never studied hand selection strategies or advanced strategies and tactics for poker games can hold their own against the pros. People tend to make a big deal over knowing the exact odds and how many outs you have but in the end all of that stuff makes little difference. You could spend the next year studying poker strategy for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you would only be slightly more likely to win money compared to right now. I typically play with my gut, my some poker odds calculator. Starting off playing small stakes poker is usually a good idea. Or you can start off playing freerolls and turn nothing into something. In 2014 Blackchip Poker is probabaly the best of these US poker rooms for those who want to win money without making a deposit. If you do decide to deposit you should read this 2014 Black Chip Poker bonus code guide. Betonline Poker in 2014 is probably best for people who want to play small stakes Holdem and Omaha poker.

Poker guides:

Apart from understanding basic hand selection and things like that you shouldn't worry too much about the rest. "Poker pros" are simply overrated. People like Phil Ivey are not "Gods of Poker", they are simply people who happened to have a good run of luck. Once you become a pro poker player then every time you get lucky and win people will attribute it to your amazing "skills" instead of luck. My point is that you shouldn't go all nuts buying poker strategy books or tools. Reading some free strategy articles online is more than most people do.

Americans are better off studying the bonuses and promotions at USA online poker sites in 2014. You can earn a lot of extra money by taking advantage of SNG/MTT leader-boards and VIP programs and reload bonuses. At Carbon Poker you can get up to 35% cashback, kind of like rakeback. They are the only US poker room in 2014 with both rakeback and fast payouts. Many of the 2014 USA-friendly poker sites listed above are attached to US online casinos and US sports books. It is always a good idea to take advantage of bonuses and free bet deals using these other services. Sportsbetting Poker is a brand new US poker room in 2014 so they have more free cash available than other sites so I suggest starting off there.